It’s just not about consumption but instead, is about giving back. Proceeds from the event help fund and develop functional ways to teach literacy through technology for Philadelphia's public elementary schools.

"When we began the Philadelphia Burger Brawl four years ago, we really had no idea how well the idea would be received or the amount of enthusiasm people would bring to the event," said Rob Wasserman "The combination of world-class food, the awesome urban setting of Philadelphia and the ultimate goal of supporting an educational institution and its student body come together to create an amazing experience for everyone involved."


Meredith Elementary computer lab funds raised via the Burger Brawl

Meredith Elementary computer lab funds raised via the Burger Brawl

The 2014 Philadelphia Burger Brawl continues to push towards significant fundraising goals, with the aim of bringing new technology to Philadelphia's public elementary schools. Participating chefs donate the ingredients necessary to cook their burgers while Rouge supplies the grills, charcoal, space and serving equipment.


2014 represents the Philadelphia Burger Brawl's fourth year. The Brawl has become a premier culinary event in Philadelphia and a "fight" that the city's top burger chefs look forward to. The Brawl will continue to grow; finding new ways to support education in the city and the students who rely on it. A great deal of thanks goes to our fantastic SPONSORS who help make the event possible.